Health and Nutrition Tips for April

Published on by Rudy Chou

The smell of springtime is in the air as we enter April. An old joke goes, why are people so tired in April? Because they just went through 31 days of March. Princess Lifestyle offers more health and nutrition tips for April 2011.

Health and Nutrition Tips For April 2011

Cleanse Your Body With Fruits and Vegetables

Spring time is the perfect time to cleanse your body of all the heavy foods you have eaten from the past winter. From the holiday meals of meatloaf, turkey and other comfort foods our bodies needed during the cold winter season to stay warm, its time to shed that extra fat.

Rather than fasting to rid yourself of the heavy foods, there are a range of diet options available to keep a healthy lifestyle such as drinking more organic fruit juices and eating more vegetables. Combining more organic fruits and vegetables to your meals, you should also eat lighter meals. To help transition from a heavy food diet during the winter, Princess Lifestyle suggests diet supplements to help your digestion such as Livelyn and Stoimasu. Because our body has adapted to a heavy foods rich in nutrient vitamins, as we cleanse our bodies with lighter meals; we recommend taking daily vitamins after meals to help our bodies adjust.

Exercise and Stay Hydrated With Plenty of Water

As the weather warms and the days get longer, thanks to Daylight Savings Time, we receive more sunlight and more opportunities to continue our exercise program we’ve started from the new year. Remember exercises can be light such as walking an hour a day after meals. If your on a more rigid exercise program, it is important to drink water to keep your body hydrated. Especially as the weather warms up, you will be sweating more easily.

The fact that the days are warmer and longer, you may feel inclined to exercise longer or add more routines to your exercise program. This extra exercise load will help accelerate the cleansing your body needs, however, you will also expend much more energy.

With lighter meals, it is important to gain energy from healthy nutrients and vitamins. Rather than just eat more fatty foods to fuel our bodies to cover the extra energy needed from exercising, it is better and healthier to add diet supplements that are natural and formulated to provide the daily dosage of vitamin nutrition your body needs.

Dealing With Springtime Weather Change and Allergies

The change of weather patterns and the start of flowers blooming can cause havoc on many people who suffer allergies.  These allergies can be caused by hay, pollen or contaminants in the air.

Allergy sufferers dread this season because of the consistent symptoms that happen year after year.  The typical watery and itchy eyes to the constant sniffle and sneezing.

To deal with allergies and these symptoms, our recommendation is to maintain that healthy diet by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.  Exposing our bodies to more natural foods can help combat allergies because our body will be better equipped to naturally detect and fend off these allergens.

If symptoms persist, Princess Lifestyle offers natural alternative remedies to deal with spring season allergies such as Super S.G. (Spring Good).  Our natural ingredients and proven formula blend used is a healthy alternative to over the counter allergy medicines you’ll find in the general drug store.

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